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Beware of imitations

Beware of imitations

Dear customers, we consider it our duty to warn you.

In recent times, there are fakes of our products. Unscrupulous sellers, using the popularity of the brand Geona, supply retail customers are analogues of the models of our Factory. The resemblance of the models is deceptive and may conceal numerous unpleasant for the consumer, surprises. What is the danger of counterfeits and how to distinguish them?

a sign of quality

On the original models Factory doors Geona, at the end of each door is a sign of quality metal coin with logo of a company.


The ends of the leaf

The ends of the leaf Factory Geona covered on all sides including the top and bottom. This technology protects the door panel from moisture penetration through the upper and lower end, eliminating the risk of chipping and delamination, so that the service life of the door increases several times.

Торцы дверного полотна
Торцы дверного полотна

Door leaf

Original door leaf has an enhanced design (thickness >35 mm). The frame is made by broshennyh boards of hardwood (moisture 7-8%) and MDF panels, which act as ribs, no voids and honeycomb, and therefore have increased impact resistance, sound and thermal insulation. When you buy fakes, you will not be able to ensure no air pockets inside the fabric.

фото дверное полотно
фото дверное полотно
фото дверное полотно

Boxed timber

Authentic design korobochny timber — reinforced consists of ship-birch plywood and MDF.
The developed technology increases performance and improves the resistance to deformation of the door unit.

Коробочный брус фото
Коробочный брус картинка


All products are Factory Geona is checked by the quality control Department at every stage of production, which excludes the presence of hidden defects. On the canvas is certainly worth a stamp, with indication of the change and attached a passport with stamp OTK.

контроль качества
контроль качества


Original Factory produce safe and environmentally friendly, meet the requirements of GOST 6629-88, ISO 9001-2011, ES, sanitary-epidemiological and international requirements, does not contain harmful and toxic substances.

ГОСТ 6629-88 Сертификат ИСО 9001-2011 Сертификат ГОСТ на межкомнатные двери и арки Экологический сертификат соответствия


Санитарно-эпидемиологическое заключение Сертификат ИСО 9001-2011 Экологический сертификат соответствия Сертификат ГОСТ на межкомнатные двери и арки

Fake products

Selling counterfeit products aims to obtain excess profits. Under such a policy, the procurement costs of raw materials reduced to a minimum. To pay for such "savings" account to a retail buyer. Detachment, scratches, swelling leaf and other defects begin to "delight" the user is already in a couple of months, depending on operating conditions. Post-warranty service on the forgery does not apply. No quality mark on the end of the door, the Factory will not be able to help in solving the problem. The use of cheap not tested sealants and adhesives can result in not only spoiling the appearance of the fabric, but also a threat to health: discharge rack of glass, the content of harmful substances and toxins increases the probability of allergic reactions and injury.

Вздутое полотно
The bulbous canvas
Мусор под пленкой
Debris under the film
Сколы и царапины
Chips and scratches
Брак стекла
The marriage of glass

the quality mark at the end of the door

When buying, be sure to check the presence of a metal coin with the logo Factory — a sign of quality on the end face of a door and the stamp in the passport. Of imitations no one is immune, but buying a defective product, You will not only overpay the money, but also risk their own health and the health of Your family. Enjoy quality products for years.

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