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Operation and care of interior doors

Operation and care of interior doors

The door must be installed in the room, the decoration of which is completely finished and ready floors.

  1. You must avoid hitting the doors and components, sudden shocks, as in the period of operation and storage to prevent damage to surfaces and overall structure.
  2. When installing the door leaf in a carton, it is necessary to adjust the gap, which should be equal to 2-3 mm on each side
  3. Recommended carefully, avoiding stains, treat with linseed oil or acrylic furniture varnish place prepared for the inset of locks and hinges where broken factory coating, to exclude moisture penetration.
  4. The allowable maximum deviation from the nominal size +\- 5 mm in height and width of the canvas (see GOST 6629-88). Permissible deviation from straightness of door leaf is not more than 3 mm to 2000 mm height, which corresponds to normative and technical requirements (see GOST 6629-88).
  5. The operation of the doors should be carried out in domestic premises at a room temperature and humidity to 80%. No sudden changes in these factors.
  6. Doors with PVC coating-veneer during the period of operation does not require any additional care, while maintaining the original appearance. Doors are resistant to moisture, impact resistant, do not crack, do not crack. They are ideal for toilet and bathroom.
  7. The door leaf can be washed with any detergent, including detergent. When using detergents and solvent, color and coating quality PVC veneer do not change because the coating is PVC-veneer is a durable, moisture resistant material (made in Germany).


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