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How to install interior door?

How to install interior door?

Installation of interior door begins with checking the configuration and size of the blade and opening.

Factory door Geona are custom made to fit Your opening. If interior doors were in temperature and humidity mode other than operating, especially in winter, is recommended for five days to endure interior doors for acclimatization.

So, to install the door you will need:

  1. A normal hammer.
  2. Screwdriver or screwdriver.
  3. Equipped with a small red-hot teeth.
  4. A mitre box (this is the tool for corner trimming).
  5. Chisel or a hand router.
  6. For struts and wedges to stock up on bars.
  7. Level or plumb.
  8. Area, preferably with double-sided ruler.
  9. Foam mounting.

If you have all the necessary tools, you can begin installing the interior doors:

  1. Installation of interior doors should be in fully decorated rooms with stacked floors. If the door is in the construction or repair of the premises, make sure all the materials are well dried.
  2. Make the required size. Determine which way will open the door. Embed the loop and the hole under the door handle.
  3. When installing the door leaf in the box, you must adjust the gap, which should be equal to 2-3 mm on each side. Collect box. Before Assembly, cut unnecessary details and fasten together.
  4. Install the box. Align the level. With wedges lock the upper part. If necessary, between opening and frame. Attach the box to the wall with screws. Complete the gaps with a mounting foam.
  5. Hang the door on hinges.
  6. Insert the lock and handle. Check how the door closes.
  7. Install trim, as well as decorative items. Mouldings factory Geona, you can install beshvostym way (when ordering a telescopic poganaja).
  8. The door is ready!

Useful tips:

  1. The door frame needs to collect, pulling her samorezami. Watch carefully to avoid bias and distortions. Don't forget that before you screw in the screw, it is necessary to pre-drill the hole.
  2. If necessary, it is possible to increase the width of our box due to the so-called additional strap. To do this, we need to insert the bar into the groove and tighten with screws to the back side of the box. Before installing the boxes.
  3. We remind you that the door architraves should not interfere with the opening and closing of the door. So, install them with a slight indent from the door leaf!

On the one hand, self-installation allows you to achieve significant savings of funds, and on the other, using the services of a professional, you can count on impeccable results. In any case, the decision is yours, most importantly, follow the instructions and carefully follow the rules!


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