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  • Collection:
  • Cover:
    MDF, Allegra, cream with Golden patina
  • The color of the canvas:
    Antique copper
  • Fitment:
    Metal+MDF, MDF+MDF
  • The thickness of the metal:
    external sheet — 1,8 mm + inner sheet — 0,8 mm
  • The thickness of the box:
    110 mm
  • The thickness of the fabric:
    100 mm
  • The contours of the seal:
    2 — D profile + 1 PCs magnetic
  • Decorative panels:
    outer — 14 mm / inner — 6 / 14 mm
  • The hinges on the support bearing:
    3 PCs.

Mounting options front door Elite:

Варианты установки

Schematic of the trim entrance doors Elite:


схема МДФ+МДФ


схема Металл+МДФ

Техническое описание

схема Техническое описание

Series "Elite" embodies the best of advanced technology of design with maximum reliability, heat and sound insulation: thickness 100 mm, boxes of 110 mm. the Special structure and high quality modern insulation materials provide a fixed position in the vertical structures and ribs for the whole period of operation: the Cork oak bark (6 mm), Viprosal (6 mm), Rockit (100 mm) — heat-vibration/ sound insulator. Integrity, protection against heat loss, the penetration of draughts and noise provide 3 gasket: magnetic seal, foam rubber D-profile (2 PCs), insulation boxes, the KNAUF TERMO ROLL. Metal Cam, protivosemnye pins, plugs, hinges on the support bearing with stainless steel stem ensure high calibration door is closing, the operation of locks and burglary protection. The use of additional sheet steel, 0.8 mm thick under the inner panel enhances the reliability and safety of the front door of the "Elite". Recruited the functionality of the castles guardian (Russia) and advanced safe Deposit locks Cisa (Italy), the high level of secrecy and vertical drive, ensure the reliability and safety of steel structures. Powder-polymer coating with the use of zinc-containing primer and a threshold in stainless steel of 0.5 mm formed of metal resistance to corrosion and protect the sill from scuffing.

Aesthetic feature of the series "Elite" possibility to assemble door unit with decorative trim — baluster. Individualization of doors the size, color, finish, addition of structural elements: a shelf, the transom, the second fold, a set of options creates the possibility of manufacturing doors in personal performance. Installation of door unit mount through the duct/ awnings at anchor (6 PCs.).

Attention! Image of door panels and arches, drawings of glasses, colors may vary from actual depending on color and resolution of the monitor.