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  • Category:
  • Mechanism:
    8 lever with the possibility of vertical actuator +cylinder
  • Class:
  • The number of crossbars:
  • The departure of the brackets:
    39,5 +22,6 mm
  • The diameter of crossbars:
    15.7 mm
  • Management:
    4 (SUV.)/2 (cyl.) floor/turnover
  • Number of keys:


In the process of installation of the castle are not allowed strikes to the body and the bolt. Before you can open and close the lock key, make sure the door is locked on the latch. The lock can be disabled if shut with great force the door with the extended deadbolt. The warranty period is 6 months from the date of sale. In the event of a fault within the warranty period, the lock must be replaced at the place of purchase, with the warranty sticker and the condition of passport quality, and a check condition.

Each door GEONA has a unique number that is specified in the quality certificate, the packing, the inner part of the door unit and the packaging of the keys. The keys Packed at the factory Geonа Doors and are protected from unauthorized making of a copy. Check the integrity of the packaging.
уникальный номер

Attention! Image of door panels and arches, drawings of glasses, colors may vary from actual depending on color and resolution of the monitor.

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