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Wood telescopic

Wood telescopic in Tver

Telescopic exterior elements with the connecting strap (options coating: PVC veneer, Ultrason, PVC, except the Enamel) is moulded items in the collection, forming a unitary construction for installation of the canvas (series of Premium, Classic, Modern, Geona Light) or beautification of the opening beshvostym a way of joining items of grooves/projections/connecting straps. In the case of a non-standard opening width greater than 75 mm to 105 mm when installing the box, this type of telescopic elements can be used without additional elements with the aid of an elongated guide casing. In the case of larger width of the opening, or in the case of upgrading without boxes, this type of telescopic elements involves the use of transoms and mounting it beshvostym way with the casing through a connecting strap which forms a single structure (because of this, this type of elements has the same name).