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Universal mouldings

Universal mouldings in Tver

Telescopic moldings universal (options coating: PVC veneer, Ultrason, PVC, Enamel) is moulded items, Assembly forming a unitary construction for installation of fabric collections and Geona Geona Light and beautification of the opening with transoms (widths up to 1000mm) beshvostym way, without additional connecting elements fasteners. A variation of the telescope universal is a kind boxed bars by style: Classic and Modern (for canvases with a thickness of 35mm). This type of telescope can be used for a variety of opening systems (Bar, Roto). For each collection, in connection with different width of cloth, universal telescopic moldings comes with a box of the appropriate type: boxed timber universal Classic, Modern - for collection Geona Geona and Light fabric with a thickness of 35 mm, bottom rail universal (P-40) for the collection Geona-Interio, Geona-series Classic Romance, boxed timber universal (P-44) for the collection of Light Geona - series Lumio, boxed timber universal (under the porch) for the collection Geona - series Interio (under the porch).