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Torgovye door in Tver

The basis targowych door —frame made of vertical and transverse steveh and Central rings. They remind paneled, but differ in the thickness of the panels, which are used an MDF plank, different types of frosted glass and other decorative materials.

Coating options:

  • PVC veneer,
  • Ultrason,
  • PVC

Used in the manufacture of glued engineering array of valuable breeds of wood and MDF. The latter has high strength and is responsible for the geometry of the structure and moisture resistance of the product.

Advantages targowych doors

  • Strength. The canvas can withstand heavy loads, both vertical and transverse ensure high rigidity.
  • The modularity. To connect straps use the threaded fastener. This allows you to replace the damaged items and not the entire canvas. You can periodically refresh its appearance, size, changing inserts.
  • Resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations. Torgovye doors used for decoration of doorways of kitchens, bathrooms. Models built using the technology of the shroud, even better resist negative factors.
  • High precision parts. All components are tightly fitted to each other.

For some interior fit Torgovye door

The design has a sleek design due to the rigor of the rings, laths, glass elements. Embossing allows you to make it more expressive.

Torgovye doors are appropriate in modern interiors and are decorated in a modern style. Harmoniously integrated into the space helps the expressive texture of the wood.

Order Torgovye door

We offer more than 20 options. We have a concise model with inserts (horizontal, vertical and angled), a checkerboard of alternating glass, MDF. Available in different finishes and embossing. The range is constantly updated.

Order your stylish Torgovye door in our company.