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  • Collection:
    Geona Light Doors
  • Series:
  • Cover:
  • The color of the canvas:
    Wenge light 10


Series "L" is a stylish, modern series, a wide range of targowych doors in modernist performance consisting of fine lines. Expressive appearance with inserts glass Catinat, linearity allows to design the interior in a modern style. Torgovye doors meet modern tastes and are affordable.

A framework of vertical steveh is reinforced MDF frame and rosenovo engineering array that provides rigidity, eliminating the slack in the collapsible door design.

Attention! Image of door panels and arches, drawings of glasses, colors may vary from actual depending on color and resolution of the monitor. Please note that when applying the patina on the door leaf, the decorative coating patina may be slightly different from presented on the site or in the salon, because this is a manual process of creating the effect of antiquity.

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