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  • Collection:
    Fire doors
  • Package contents:
  • The color of the canvas:
    Hammer grey
  • The thickness of the metal:
    1.4 mm carbon sheet x/K annealed
  • The thickness of sheet / box:
    60 / 75 mm
  • Glazing:
    Multilayer fire-resistant glass, up to 25%
  • The contours of the seal:
    2 pieces – smoke (rubber type D) + 2 - thermosetting widening
  • The hinges on the support bearing:
    3 PCs.
  • Protivosemnye pins:
    3 PCs.
  • Castle fire:
    Apecs 3000 (cylinder) + handle on plate, Apecs 2000-Panic (cylinder) + Handle-rod push-And-Panic Apecs,Apecs 3000 (cylinder)+handle on plate, Apecs 2000-Panic (cylinder) + Handle-bar push Panic Apecs

Mounting options front door ДПМГ-1-60:

Варианты установки

Schematic of the trim entrance doors ДПМГ-1-60:


схема ДПМГ-2-60

Сертификат соответствия

схема Сертификат соответствия

Техническое описание

схема Техническое описание

Fire rated metal doors brand Geona c fire resistance EI 60 is designed to block the spread of fire through openings internal fire enclosures of buildings and structures of different purpose, installed in places where there is an increased risk of fire.

Variability of fire doors the individual dimensions, deaf and glazed, single leaf and double leaf versions, with fireproof locks and locks with the lock and key. The frame design of the box has a complex curved reinforced structure filled with fireproof mineral basalt insulation. The internal cavity design and fabric filled with non-flammable certified materials – slab of basalt mineral wool and two sheets of fire-resistant plasterboard (GSP-DF). Fire doors prevent smoke and fire penetration into the room with two contours thermosetting sealants, expanding when heated or ignited, filling the gaps and crevices. Two contour smoke rubber seal from the cold smoke will provide maximum protection and integrity of the door from the smells and drafts.

Install the door unit is a pivot box / sunshade to the mounting anchor. The installation of this appliance is under warranty and passport requirements for installation of fire doors.

Attention! Image of door panels and arches, drawings of glasses, colors may vary from actual depending on color and resolution of the monitor.

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