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  • Collection:
    Fire doors
  • The color of the canvas:
    Enamel RAL 7035
  • Treatment:
  • Fire resistance:
    EI 30 (thickness 45 mm)
    EI 60 (leaf thickness 62 mm).
  • The level of sound insulation:
    42 db


Fire doors are essential in areas such as hotels, shopping malls, educational institutions and other social facilities.

The functional purpose of fire doors - the obstacle to the spread of fire and smoke from the fire in the next room. Due to its qualities, they locate the source of fire and ensure rapid evacuation of people. The requirements of fire safety responsible fire doors GEONА.

Are made coated with Enamel in colours of RAL and NCS.

Options for the mill for Your choice:

фрезеровка СП 1

СП 1

фрезеровка СП 2

СП 2

фрезеровка СП 3

СП 3

фрезеровка СП 4

СП 4

фрезеровка СП 5

СП 5

фрезеровка СП 6

СП 6

фрезеровка СП 7

СП 7

Options double
door DP-1:
Варианты двустворчатой двери ДП-1
Design fire doors GEONA
possible with the vestibule and no vestibule

Manufacture of wood and mineral plates with a special compound for the best fire security effectively isolates the room from the fire and penetration of harmful smoke.

Fire-fighting foam tape on the inner surface of the box provides additional protection from burnout on the porch.

Drop-down threshold provides damagetolerance and prevents unauthorised entry sounds. Double-seal provides improved sound insulation and extra comfort when closing.

Attention! Image of door panels and arches, drawings of glasses, colors may vary from actual depending on color and resolution of the monitor.

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