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New: steel entry door "VEGA"

New: steel entry door

VEGA front door with curved trim, and modern look give the door a unique appearance, combining excellent technical characteristics.

The solidity of the structure submitted three-loop porch, reinforced bent frame boxes (110 mm) and durability of reinforced fabrics (100 mm) ensuring the rigidity of the structure as a whole.

The door design protects VEGA double layer of mineral wool Knauf insulation Termo Roll and Rockit, providing noise / vibration/sound insulation fabric.

The reliability of the unit is provided by castles – guardian 3011 3201 and additional locks are installed. Accessories ergonomic fit in the modern appearance of entrance groups, and armor provide tranquillity to Your home.

Door VEGA not only shapes the look of the interior, but also provides the safety and security of Your home from intruders.


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