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Roto door

Roto system attracts special attention of designers and owners focused on finding solutions to save space. Painting with such a system opens in different directions in the open state, the flap is perpendicular to the wall, appearing in two adjacent rooms at 50% of its width.

In addition to the kit:

For registration of the opening you want to order architraves and transoms universal telescopic mouldings.

Scheme opening (top view)


Схема открывания Внутрь


Схема открывания Наружу

ROTO System - the principle of joint action hinged, sliding, swing mechanism.

The Assembly technology of block interior doors for Roto-system is difficult. Door factory manufactures Geona door leaf (see table of conformity between the dimensions of doorways and door panels) and supplies them with the Roto system and the finished block (Roto-box), which allows to apply such a system. For finishing of the opening can be used products the exterior design of telescopic universal mouldings. The kit Roto-system includes a lot of components, the recommended configuration is use, necessarily, magnetic lock. Otherwise, the sash will be hard to fix in the closed position. For rotary sliding door handle are the same as for hinged panels.

1. Door leaf with frame and mechanism, complete with brushes.
2. Magnetic lock Apecs / AGB (made in Italy), the Swivel-sliding mechanism (made in Italy) - 1 PC.
3. Roto-box - 1 comp.

The table of conformity of dimension of doorways and door panels

 The allowable size of the aperture,
 The width of the fabric
600 650 700 750 800 850  900 950
 Blade height 2000  720-760 x 2070-2100  770-810 x 2070-2100  770-810 x 2170-2200  870-910 x 2070-2100  920-960 x 2070-2100  920-960 x 2170-2200  1020-1060 x 2070-2100  1070-1110 x 2070-2100
2100  720-760 x 2170-2200  770-810 x 2170-2200  820-860 x 2170-2200  870-910 x 2170-2200  920-960 x 2170-2200  970-1010 x 2170-2200  1020-1060 x 2170-2200  1070-1110 x 2170-2200
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