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Owner re-sliding door

OWNER - interior folding door, cloth which consists of two sections. When opening and closing the BOOK takes up less space than a swing door. Such folding doors can be used as interior partitions. They are ideal in narrow corridors and small rooms where you want to save space.

Basic kit:

  1. The door leaf is of 2 folds with a box under lock and mechanism.
  2. The sliding door Laredo R 04 (Italy) - 1 set
  3. Guide rail
  4. Handle Loid 30 (chrome, gold, bronze) - 2 PCs. (please order individually)
  5. For registration of the opening you want to order a Telescope universal or wood hammer

Single door
one set of accessories


The double door
two sets of fittings

схема 1

The sliding door Laredo R 04

  • 1 Main roller 1 PC.
  • 2 Guide rail
    The length of the guide bar is taken equal to the doorway. Is attached with screws to the top of the opening. You first need to insert the primary guide roller
  • 3 Top support
    (to the guide) 1 PC.
    The rotary axis of the upper support 1 PC.
    Cut into the leading end of the door top
  • 4 the lower support leading door
  • 5 the Rotary axis of the lower support - 1 PC.
    Cut into the leading end of the door bottom. The upper and lower
  • 6 Hinge with lock
    2. (connect the two halves of the door together)
  • 7 the Lower limit switch of the dooris attached to the floor

Installation instructions of the mechanism of folding door

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